A Reflection

Divisions and repotting are sometimes necessary. Although not always easily accepted. But with time, new roots develop as they become accustomed to their new environment. If this environment is nurtured, kept fertile, and allowed its share of sunshine, growth takes place, leading to maturity and beauty.

Our country has a new leader and we so needed a fresh start.



  1. Tina: I’m glad I was part of it too, and would nominate you. ;~)Sherry: Soil amendments might be necessary. Katarina? We sure hope so too. Marnie: I’ll nominate you as VP. ;~)Tamara: What bush and where? Water it in well.

  2. Yes, so true, tc. The pic makes me long for Springtime already. I do have a bush I need to plant and that will have to do, I suppose. A fresh start, yup and a wonderful entry. Tamara

  3. Hi TC, good comparison. I’m hopeful that things will change.I agree with Tina’s comment, I would like to see a woman elected in my lifetime. I thought maybe this was the year, but… Anyway the most important thing is electing a president who genuinely has the people’s best interest at heart and not one that puts Exon’s or Halliburton’s interest first.Marnie

  4. This change is good. I like your analogy.As all good gardeners know it starts with the soil. I think our president elect has good healthy roots.Now for some sunshine!Sherry

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