Say Nothin’ Saturday



  1. Ms. Monica: I like them too. They’re so retro and also completely resistant to that Avian influenza virus. ;~)Ms. Marnie: Thank you so kindly. I’m glad you enjoyed them.

  2. Hi TC, I am wearing my glasses, such as they are, and still didn’t see the hummer until reading the comments. Thank goodness for comments, write? That W2W is a card, isn’t she?FrancesSorry, I am a bit snarky today.

  3. W2W: I tried contacts several years ago and couldn’t stand them! It felt like something was in my eye (which it was) and I couldn’t get it out (which I did). Needless to say, that turned me against ever trying them again. Your self-deprecation is honorable, however I need no hebetude anywhere on my blog so please don’t start using emoticons.

  4. Ms. Tina: As skittish as hummers are, you’d still think it’d not mind those harmless flutterbuys. Skeeter: I saw the Globetrotters once as a child also! And yes! “lets talk about hitting the lottery…” Flydragon: I wish this were my feeding tray and outdoor kitchen! I took the photo at a butterfly exhibit at the Cleveland Botanical Garden’s last July. The ducks were photographed on a frozen pond at a local park here. The only thing not frozen was what you see, the pond’s water fountain spray. Ms. Nikki: Thank you fellow Plurker! And I am quite happy you stopped by and commented. Ms. Fern: I love those “pink chickens” too. I need a new set for my yard. And those butterflies do look like giants next to that hummer.

  5. I missed the hummer too, but that’s probably because I don’t have my contacts in yet. I definitely did not miss the pink flamingos. The one with the ducks, now? I’m curious about what does look like a splash. Does it represent a major breakthrough, getting “a successful blogger” to comment–only to be quacked at by an irritable, “green”-weary, old bird? Maybe my comments should be wordless at certain times, just emoticons.

  6. Lucky you on the fruit with the butterflies and hummer. I tried putting fruit out but only got yellow jackets, flies and ants.On the cute picture of the ducks, is that a frozen bush in the background or is that you jumping into the pond and creating a big splash?

  7. Tina, thanks for you chat! I did not see the hummer! Had to go back and there it was bigger then Stuttgart! I must have been captivated by the beauty of the butterflies and yummy treats for them…

  8. Those quackers or honkers look so cold but a beautiful picture! The butterflies are so pretty. Well, no comment on the pink flamingos, Okay, I will say they made me giggle lol… How ironic, you were talking about the Globetrotters on Tina’s Meadowlark posting and I mentioned seeing them at APSU as a child. I just went to the on-line home paper for my daily dose of hometown life and front page: Globetrotters playing at APSU!!! Wow, lets talk about hitting the lottery shall we?

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