Say Nothin’ Saturday



  1. Ms. Skeeter: That’s my sis-in-laws hand holding the 4-leaf clover. She’s quite adept at finding them, unlike her brother-in-law. Ms. Darla: I took the photo at last year’s Philly Flower Show (it’s all indoors by the way). The theme was about New Orleans. That particular exhibit used only plants that you’d see growing in Louisiana. It’s hard to believe that it’s set up inside a giant convention center isn’t it? Ms. Tina: Be his Valentine! ;~)Ms. Susie: I agree. My kids would no sooner search the yard for a 4-leaf clover as they would volunteer to do more homework!FD: That was one of my favorite exhibits at last year’s Philly Flower Show. I thought it was so cool that the exhibitor used only plants you’d see growing in New Orleans. W2W: Yes, I remember that tune. I’ll have to Google it to see who did it. I think I can hear you singing it, and my! you’ve a lovely voice. ;~)IIona: That “house” in the photo was only a facade. Neat huh? And that “rockin’ guitarist” is my No. 1 son.

  2. The 4-leaf clover reminds me of when I was a child. We use to just sit in a large patch and search for them. It amazes me what we use to do to entertain ourselves compared to kids of today. If you ask me, they are missing out.

  3. It is Friday night and not Saturday, Oh wait a minute, my clock down here in Georgia does say 12:05 so I reckon it is Saturday after all. Wow, I need to get to bed then… Nice 4 leaf clover which reminds me that St Pattys Day will soon be here!

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