Say Nothin’ Saturday

(Sorry, but I just had to say a little somethin about one of my Viburnum Leaf Beetle photographs bein used by Insect Guide Debbie Hadley. She’s also plannin on doin a full article about the VLB in the future that will include more of my photos. Visit Debbie’s Insect Guide site, she knows bugs. )



  1. Do I sense a contest coming on? "Supply the best caption and win some scarified seed" would be excellent, TC. I'm not very good at torturing those things. Only about half the Nasturtiums I sowed came up. I guess a nail file just doesn't cut the mustard.

  2. Ms. Tina: Thanks, and no, he's not mine. Murphy is a neighbor's dog.Ms. Mary Sharpe: Thanks for the whisper. ;~)Stop by again.Ms. Teri: The "tree" is actually a manicured rhododendron. And yes, I use the Dremel to scarify hard cased seeds, and to torture prisoners in the gulagg. ;~OFD: Sorry about your "flying seeds." Want me to send you a pair of pliers like what I have pictured? ;~PW2W: I thought that was a very unique pruning method, most rhodies here are huge and magnificently flowered, I wish they lasted all summer. (Show me those tanned feet. ;~))Ms. Skeeter: Great suggestions for captions. Which actually gives me an idea for my "Say Nothin' Saturday" postings. ;~)

  3. Ah, flip-flops time is here! I’ve already got tan lines from them on my feet. The rhodie standard is magnificent. Yours? You’ve earned some recognition, getting your pics selected. I’m happy for you!

  4. I love that tree, whatever it is. That dremel-looking tool looks like something that might be used in the “gulagg” – is it used to crack the seeds so they’ll sprout?

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