Is a picture really worth one thousand words?







      1. well I think the usage depends on style, and I know when I write officially – which is in APA – I have to follow APA rules…
        and with APA we “spell out numbers”
        one thru nine when not used with units of measurement or used in comparisons with numbers 10 or greater
        one or zero
        common fractions
        and to begin a sentence.
        And I think it is cool that people care about usage – but sometimes in blogging I think the gift of it is that we get to be a little informal and laid back – but I guess it depends on the blogger and the writing they are doing.

        have a nice day TC

      2. I’m more formal when writing my monthly gardening article. For most all other writing I write with a south-central Kentucky accent; excluding the “g” in practically all words ending in “ing.” Exceptions are made.

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